International Stage One

The International Stage One (IS1) offers you a different start to your undergraduate study at University, strengthening English abilities and introducing core concepts and key knowledge required in your chosen subject area.

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Why study the International Stage One?

The IS1 is the first year of a four year International Incorporated Bachelors. And its designed to strengthen your English language abilities and introduce core concepts and knowledge required at university study level.  Once you have successfully completed your studies you will continue the remaining stages of your degree directly with the University of your choice.

Why study this course

If you don’t currently meet the English language level and academic skills for direct entry onto a undergraduate degree, then you may need to study the IS1 programme. Once you successfully complete the programme, you can progress to your chosen degree at the university.

Throughout your study of the IS1, you will benefit from small class sizes and support from qualified and experienced teachers.

Available Routes
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The International Stage One is the equivalent to the first year of a four year Scottish undergraduate degree.

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Discover your route to IFY

You can pick from a range of subject specific pathways that you will study for one year. After successful completion, you will receive a level 3 award and can then progress to year one of your chosen university degree course.

Students develop their academic knowledge and skills within mass communications. Alongside core modules, you will study subject-specific modules that will equip you with a foundation of knowledge for your chosen field of study.

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Students will understand the fundamentals in business, with modules tailored to your future degree. These include tailored tailored to a degree progress in ‘Business’, ‘Accounting and Finance’, ‘International Hospitality, Tourism and Events’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Economics’.

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International Stage One – Digital Media is all around us in our daily lives, this pathway provides both theory and technical study of digital technology including programming, imaging, and human-computer interaction.

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Our International Stage One – Engineering gives students an introduction and understanding into the principles and materials so you can progress into your chosen degree with confidence.

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International Stage One – Computing provides students with the understanding and introduction to programming, systems, software engineering and networks.

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Nursing focusses on providing care and support to individuals and is considered a highly rewarding career within the health care sector. The ICD pathway in nursing offers you an alternative route to a 3-year undergraduate nursing degree. Completing this course gives you both an academic and professional qualification that leads to you becoming a registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

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Law, Psychology and Social Studies will enhance your understanding of societal structures, culture, politics and social science. This broad-based curriculum ensures that you can continue on to a wide range of degrees including Psychology and Law.

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The IS1 in Business and Economics will give you a grounding in the basics of business, encompassing key economic, legal and management principles. You will also develop maths skills that are vital for understanding accounting practices.

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An undergraduate degree in Computing will provide you with the understanding and ability to design and develop all types of software. This includes the fundamentals of computer science, the principles of programming and algorithms. Computing offers access to a range of future career opportunities such as Software development, Systems Analysis and Information Management.

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Key Features of the IS1

Small classes

up to 18

Student life abroad

You'll quickly adjust to the way of life in your chosen student city


your academic study skills

Continuation Degrees

Mass Communications with Advertising and Public Relations
The Mass Communications with Advertising and Public Relations degree will prepare you for employment or postgraduate study in a range of disciplines such as advertising, public relations, branding, marketing, corporate communications, mass communications, media and digital communications.  
Mass Communications
The Mass Communications degree will give you the opportunity to explore a variety of career options and find the best fit for you.
BA (Hons)
Accounting is so much more than crunching numbers, it is the backbone of any business, and with the advances of technology and AI, it guarantees an exciting career.
BA (Hons)
Accounting with Corporate Finance
Accounting is so much more than crunching numbers, it is the backbone of any business, and with the advances of technology and AI, it guarantees an exciting career. This joint honours degree involves the same core accounting modules as BA (Hons) Accounting but more compulsory finance modules to build up your specialism.
BA (Hons)
International Tourism and Airline Management
Learn about every aspect of international tourism and airline management; design, development, and delivery. This course offers the exciting opportunity to train for a tourism and airline-related career and learn from experienced professionals from the industry.
BA (Hons)
International Festival and Event Management
You'll learn how to plan, design, market, operate and develop events, as well as how these events can be used to help local economies and communities.
BA (Hons)
International Hospitality Management
You'll study the principles of international hospitality management and apply these to practical situations in hotels and restaurants, preparing you for a career in the hospitality and tourism industries.
BA (Hons)
Financial Services
We developed this programme to meet the financial sector’s increasing demand for skilled graduates. The course provides students with up-to-date and relevant learning experiences, whilst equally developing the skills necessary to excel in the modern workforce.